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Are you an actor or aspiring actor looking to jumpstart your career? Have you ever dreamed of pursuing a career in acting but just didn't believe it was possible or that you'd ever find the time? Co-operative studios can help! 


In just three months you will be a trained by top industry instructors in your craft, learn the process of creating a movie from conception to completion, and perform a starring or supporting role in a feature length movie for distribution!


Why pay thousands of dollars on acting lessons with no guarantee of securing a role, or spend a fortune on film schools only to have a certificate to show for it.


Agents only sign experienced actors! Let us teach you and give you the experience. Learn acting on a real set, while acting in a feature length movie for distribution! Do you have what it takes?


For more information or to register for an upcoming class, call 800.251.6788, contact us, or click APPLY NOW to fill out an online application and someone will contact you to schedule an interview.

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